About Us

The Centers of Excellence grow and sustain Washington State’s economic advantage through statewide leadership. Each Center focuses on a targeted industry that drives the state’s economy and is built upon a reputation for fast, flexible, quality education and training programs.

Centers are guided by industry representatives to lead collaborative and coordinated statewide education and training efforts to build a competitive workforce in a global economy.



Washington shall become a national model in developing partnerships among business, industry and education for the purpose of enhancing economic and workforce development initiatives to meet the current and future needs of the industries critical to the state’s economic vitality.



Washington’s Centers of Excellence shall serve as the statewide liaisons to business, industry, labor and the state’s educational systems for the purpose of creating a highly skilled and readily available workforce critical to the success of the industries driving the state’s economy and supporting Washington families. 

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Economic Development Focus

Each center supports workforce development and its local economic driver industry by serving as the link between local, regional, national, and international education, labor, and business organizations.

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Industry Sector Strategy Focus

As the link between education and industry, the centers ensure teachers, counselors and others have the latest knowledge of the field, and that curriculum accurately reflects evolving business needs.

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Education, Innovation and Efficiency Focus

The centers continually look for ways to improve what and how students learn. In addition to keeping curriculum current, the centers advocate for expanded apprenticeship opportunities, credit for prior learning, and industry-recognized credentials.

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Workforce Supply/Demand Focus

The centers research, analyze and distribute to their partners the latest information specfic to their driver industry. Sectors use that information to find ways to close skills gaps, expand training capacity, and incorporate best practices into education programs.


Key roles of the Centers include:

  • Build a competitive workforce for driver industries.

  • Maintain an institutional reputation for innovation and responsive education and training delivery to their targeted industry.

  • Act as a broker of information and resources related to their targeted industry for industry representatives, community-based organizations, economic development organizations, community and technical colleges, secondary education institutions, and four-year colleges and universities.

  • Translate industry research into best practices.

  • Provide system coordination, coaching, and mentoring to assist in building seamless educational and work-related systems.