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Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy


The Center of Excellence for Clean Energy is a statewide resource that represents the interests of the energy industry, and our labor partners, within the Washington State Community and Technical College system. We exist to narrow the gap between employers’ demands for a highly skilled workforce and the colleges’ ability to supply work-ready graduates. We convene industry and labor to help drive workforce development initiatives — and coordinate community college resources after industry and labor set the direction.


Program Highlights


Energy Industry
Skill Standards Project

The Center of Excellence for Clean Energy’s industry and labor led advisory board in partnership with Washington State University Energy Program has developed Occupational Skill Standards for 20 key trades positions within electric transmission and distribution fields.

The goal of the Energy Industry Skill Standards Project is to specify the critical work functions, key activities, performance indicators and knowledge, skills, and abilities an individual needs to succeed in certain energy-related occupations. The result of this project will support the development of new curriculum and the strengthening of existing curriculum in programs leading to specific careers in the energy industry.


Troy Nutter, Chair, Center of Excellence for Clean Energy Advisory Board and Operations and Training Manager for Puget Sound Energy believes the Center of Excellence for Clean Energy benefits the greater labor industry by supporting the development of relevant, modern curricula and programs that ensure “the emerging workforce [comes] out with a basic understanding of...skills that are current and relevant instead of using out-of-date material or practices that are not on the leading edge.” Careful consideration of modern technology and emerging trends allowed Nutter and the Advisory Board to advise educators on how best to revise their industry programs. “The key is having that exchange of information.”




The Pacific Northwest Center of Excellence for Clean Energy serves the entire state of Washington. We partner with these organizations and many others to support students, workers, and businesses in the energy industry.