Connect to industry to help your students be ready for the workforce


Get Engaged with your Center


Call your center to connect with industry businesses, labor, and organizations

The Washington State Centers of Excellence serve as conduits to the state’s workforce system. Leverage our network of employers and organizations to gain access to a wealth of current knowledge about your industry.


We’ll bring the right partners to the table so you can develop or update your curriculum with industry input

By connecting with the Centers of Excellence, you’ll be able to align what your students are learning with what skill sets employers need right now. Our network of industry experts are at your disposal for DACUMs and other program-building activities.


Implement the new curriculum so your students are more competitive and ready for the workforce

We can’t develop Washington’s skilled workforce without your input. Connect with your Center of Excellence to engage with industry employers today.


What We Do


Industry Externships

Gain first-hand experience of the workforce through industry externships.

Curriculum Development

Create cutting-edge programs through effective DACUM sessions.

Skill Standards

Develop skill standards to prepare students to be competitive in their chosen industry.


Let’s get to work.

For educators who want their students to succeed, the Washington Centers of Excellence are the best connection to industry and apprenticeship so that students graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to be ready to work.

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